2020 5K Celebration of Life - New Providence


Betsy's Dash

June 7th will mark a major milestone - the 10th celebration of Betsy's Dash (and the 10th anniversary of NJSN's 5K Celebration Of Life) - to honor the memory of Betsy Niles. We hope to make this year's Dash the biggest one ever!

Throughout the past 9 years we have raise nearly $100,000 to support NJSN's mission of organ and tissue donation and all funds raised this year will again be dedicated to scholarships for high school seniors who have personally been advocates of the mission. Since our first scholarship in 2016 we have already awarded six scholarships totaling $20,000 and we will award the next one(s) this April!

But this year we are not focusing on how much $$$’s we can raise. We want this 10th year to be the biggest team gathering ever and we invite everyone who has joined our team - from the first one in 2011 or at any time over the last nine years to join us again for the festivities, for the 5K run (Go Ali Go!) and the for 5K fun walk. This will probably be our last year where we push to get a big turnout so please save the date and let’s set our own record for the biggest Betsy’s Dash ever!!

Thank you all for your generous support in the past and I hope you will continue to support Betsy's Dash this year. And please come join us on June 7th for a great day of celebration!!

Dan and Ali

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