2019 5K Celebration of Life - Long Branch

Jane's Cardinals


It’s that time of year again, Jane’s Cardinals are ready to soar! 

This is the 3rd annual Jane's Cardinals team at NJ Sharing Networks 5k walk/run.  Every year this is such a special and enjoyable event where we are able to honor Jane’s Legacy 


We would love to have you join us at this year’s 5k walk/run in Long Branch, NJ on Sunday, May 19th.  Each year our team gets bigger and bigger!   The past two years we have been in the top 20 teams for total contributions out of over 200 teams!  Jane’s Cardinals has raised just under 18 thousand dollars!


  If you are unable to attend the 5k, please consider contributing to our team, every little bit helps.  A portion of t-shirt sales will also go towards our fundraising goal!


We are so passionate about the New Jersey Sharing Network because they allowed Jane’s legacy to live on.  Jane's lungs are now helping a 43-year-old NY woman breath on her own again; she waited 3 years for them.  Her kidneys were given to a man in NJ who no longer needs weekly dialysis.  Her tissue has gone on to help countless others, truly amazing! 


For those of you who are interested in joining us at the 5k or who would like to support from afar with a Jane's Cardinal t-shirt here is the link for shirts:



Hope to see you all there! 

Thank you

Love, Jane's Cardinals 

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