2018 5K Celebration of Life - Long Branch

Team Andrew and Caroline

"Without the organ donor, there is no hope, no transplant. But when there is an organ donor, life springs from death, sorrow turns to hope, and a terrible loss becomes a gift."- UNOS
In August, 2008, Jen and Paul Jova tragically lost their beautiful son, Andrew. Andrew was a fun loving 17 year old who was so full of life. Jen and Paul made the heroic choice to give the gift of life through organ donation. Andrew's gift saved the lives of 5 people and enhanced the lives of 48 others, his legacy became a legacy of life. In June of 2013, Caroline, Andrews cousin and talented violinist, was invited to perform at a ceremony honoring Andrew and other organ donors sponsored by the NJ Sharing Network at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. While driving home from the ceremony that afternoon, Caroline was very emotional and shared with her mom, Kate, her sadness at seeing all of the donor families. She was inspired to make the decision to become an organ donor if the situation should arise. In March of 2015, Caroline's life on earth was cut abruptly short as a result of a car accident. Since Caroline had made her wishes known to her parents, Kate and Bill Duerr, it was clear that they would honor her wishes and that she would become a huge part of many individuals' miracle stories.
Our families are forever bonded by the most tragic of all circumstances- the loss of a child. Out of the most unimaginable loss, great hope was found as our children gave the most precious gift- the gift of life. Our story is one of Faith, Hope, and Love. We have been gifted with the tremendous support of the NJ Sharing Network which has given our family so much hope in moving forward and knowing that our children leave a strong legacy of life. Andrew and Caroline's love continues, as their mischievous, humorous spirits are alive in us all. Please consider making a donation to support our fundraising efforts for the NJ Sharing Network. In doing so, you will be honoring the memory of our children and spreading the lifesaving message on the importance of organ donation. Thank You.
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